Derek Helling

Chicago Bears Need Alshon Jeffrey to Keep It Up

Created on Oct. 10, 2013 6:26 PM EST

While Chicago Bears' wide receiver Brandon Marshall works on trying to beat the double teams that his potential to harm a defense warrant, the guy on the other side of the field for the Bears has finally started to make himself worth the 45th overall pick in the 2012 Draft. Alshon Jeffery is coming off the best two-week stretch not only of his career, but in the history of the Chicago Bears for a wide receiver as well.

After having a mediocre thirteen catches for 104 yards in the first three weeks of this season, Jeffery has exploded in the last two games for 15 catches for 325 yards and two touchdowns plus a 27 yard run. Jay Cutler to Jeffery being good for 21 yards per completion seven to eight times a game consistently will open up an entirely new dimension for Chicago on offense.

If Jeffery can continue to out-run defenses and make the catches that make life for Matt Forte, Martellus Bennett and Marshall easier, opposing defenses will have to take the safety off of Marshall in a double-team and drop him deep to guard against Jeffrey's deep routes. Committing a safety to cover Bennett, better suited because of Bennett's speed, will be more risky as well and Bennett will see linebacker coverage that he will consistently beat. Forte will come out of the backfield against linebacker coverage as well, which he will embarrass.  

The fact that Jeffery is seeing increased targets is proof positive that the Chicago coaching staff and Cutler have a level of confidence in the offensive line that hasn't been seen since Cutler came to Chicago. It takes time for a deep route to develop and quarterback protection is the most important step in completing those passes. In order for the Bears to keep throwing the deep ball, the offensive line must give Cutler and Jeffery at least three seconds to work.

Execution in the deep passing game takes time to develop and the Chicago Bears may have finally gotten the pieces together. Jeffery set a new Chicago Bears single season receiving record last week. Don't expect 200+ yards every game, but if the Bears can get three or four 20 yard completions a game from Jeffery it makes their offense dynamic.

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