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The Cleveland Browns were first established in 1946 and the team was a member of the All-America Football Conference before joining the NFL in 1950. The team's biggest rivals are the Pittsburgh Steelers, although they also share a fierce rivalry with the Baltimore Ravens and fellow in-state franchise Cincinnati Bengals.

Art Modell became the owner of the Browns in 1961 and caused widespread outrage when he decided to move the team to Baltimore prior to the beginning of the 1996 season. The NFL – who wished for Cleveland to retain its franchise – eventually reached an agreement with Modell that he could move the team, its players, and staff to Baltimore, but would have to relinquish the Browns' name, logo, and history in the process. As a result, the Baltimore Ravens were established. The Browns’ franchise returned in 1999 after three years of suspended operations.

Throughout the franchise's history, Cleveland has enjoyed huge success, although the franchise has struggled to compete since returning in 1999. During their AAFC days, the Browns won the championship in each of the four years of the league's existence, which included a perfect record during the 1948 season.

In its debut NFL season, Cleveland won the 1950 NFL Championship Game, defeating the Los Angeles Rams 30-28. Subsequent NFL Championships followed in 1954, 1955, and 1964. Between 1953 and 1969, the Browns won the NFL Eastern Conference eight times. In total, the franchise has won 13 division championships and made 28 playoff appearances, with the most recent in 2002.

Cleveland Browns Championships

AAFC Championships

  • 1946: Cleveland Browns 14, New York Yankees 9
  • 1947: Cleveland Browns 14, ...
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