Allen Kim

Coach Greg Schiano's Hot Seat Is Burning

Created on Oct. 25, 2013 12:37 PM EST

Week 8 of the 2013 NFL season kicked off last night, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are still winless and searching for answers after the Carolina Panthers defeated them 31-13. With every passing week, coach Greg Schiano’s grasp on the locker room and his job slip further and further away from his control as the losses continue to pile up.

A number of ex-Buccaneers spoke with Mike Silver of recently, and they all confirmed what has been suspected all year long: he doesn’t treat his players with respect, and he has lost all control of the locker room.

One player said, “How bad is it there? It's worse than you can imagine. It's like being in Cuba.”

Darrelle Revis, when asked whether the team believes in the scheme and coaching staff by Kevin O’Donnell of Fox-13, simply said, “I don’t know. I don’t know”

The fact that Revis, the highest-paid and best defensive player on the team, wouldn’t voice his support last night for the coaching staff at a time when they needed it the most speaks volumes about the bleak situation in Tampa Bay. This comes after they finally allowed Revis to do what he does best and shadow the opposing team’s best receiver.

The Buccaneers are far more talented than their 0-7 record indicates, and blame for their horrendous season starts at the top with Schiano. A date with the Seattle Seahawks in Week 9 all but guarantees that they’ll be adding yet another notch in the loss column.

Buccaneers fans have been vocal about firing Schiano, and it’s only a matter of time before he gets the boot out of Tampa Bay. reports that even though he’s not expected to be fired this weekend, there is “no guarantee” that Schiano finishes out the year at the helm.

While Schiano was able to find success in the college ranks with Rutgers University, the level of play in the NFL is on another level. He also can't treat NFL players like he did with the students at Rutgers. It’s difficult to imagine him ever getting another chance in the NFL, and he’ll join a long list of college coaches that failed to make the jump.

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