Mike Crocker

College Coaches Deserve Future Hall Of Fame Consideration

Created on Mar. 13, 2014 4:42 AM EST

If I asked you to look back 10 years ago at what college football was like, what would you tell me? Would you tell me all about Pete Carroll and USC's prolific offense led by quarterback Matt Leinart and superstar running back Reggie Bush? Would you guess as to how amazing Texas quarterback Vince Young would be in the 2006 Rose Bowl and national championship, and what he might one day do in the NFL (Spoiler Alert: It didn't go as well as you'd think)?

What if I asked you to look ahead 10 years from today? What players and coaches would be deemed College Football Hall of Fame worthy? That is the discussion for the men who make these athletes into historic, well-remembered figures such as Leinart, Bush and Young: the coaches. Who has the best chance of being on that 2024 Hall of Fame ballot and getting elected into one of college football's most prestigious clubs?

Coaches Nick Saban, Steve Spurrier, and Les Miles are just some of the great coaches in the game today whose legacies make them in my opinion upon the top of the totem pole of future ballot consideration.


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