David Seigerman

Combine Storylines: Sam Speaks

Created on Feb. 23, 2014 5:56 AM EST

Archer Takes Aim

One of the interesting storylines to follow on Saturday is the annual quest to break Chris Johnson's record in the 40-yard dash. Johnson ran a 4.24 in 2008, which sent a lot of coaches running Johnson-fast back to watch tape of the explosive back form East Carolina.

Kent State running back Dri Archer proclaimed on Friday that he plans to break the record. He says he's been clocked as fast as 4.21.

Of course, by the time Archer and the running backs take to time trials, the record might not be Johnson's anymore. The receivers run earlier in the day than the backs, so perhaps the record will be claimed first by Paul Richardson or Robert Herron or Sammy Watkins. 

Marquise Goodwin came close last year, posting a 4.27.

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