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Broncos Have The Two Best QBs Of All-Time

Created on Jul. 02, 2014 7:22 AM EST

“In my opinion he’s not the kind of guy you win championships with, he never did it while he was at Stanford and I don’t think he’ll do it in Denver and I don’t care if he ever does it.” These were the famous words Terry Bradshaw said in 1983 about Hall of Fame Quarterback John Elway. Bradshaw was always Elway’s biggest critic throughout his career with the Denver Broncos. But more than 30 years later, Bradshaw has done it again!

Bradshaw didn’t take a shot at Elway this time, but jabbed Elway’s record-breaking quarterback Peyton Manning instead.

During a recent performance of his one-man show called “America’s Favorite Dumb Blonde,” Bradshaw said the following: “Peyton Manning, considered the best quarterback to play the game today. Nobody would argue with that — if you like winning good during the season and losing Super Bowls, that’s your guy.”

Bradshaw apparently likes to take his shots at Denver quarterbacks. Bradshaw said Elway would never win a Super Bowl, but guess who handed Elway the Lombardi trophy after winning Super Bowl XXXlll. You guessed right, it was Bradshaw!

Bradshaw won four Super Bowls and is considered one of the greats, along with Joe Montana, Troy Aikman, and even Brett Favre. But one big question remains, who is the greatest quarterback of all time? How do you determine who the best is? To be the best, these quarterbacks have to set records win MVPs, and most importantly, win a Super Bowl.

Super Bowls aren’t everything. Bradshaw and Montana both went four for four in Super Bowls. But let’s face reality? Is Bradshaw really better than Manning, Tom Brady or even Dan Marino? Each of those quarterbacks has broken and set single-season records for passing yards and touchdowns. Manning broke those records this past season. Bradshaw always had a top-ranked defense throughout his career. Manning and Elway never had a top-ranked defense in their careers until their last few seasons. Eli Manning has won two Super Bowls, but is he better than older brother Peyton? Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl. Is he better than Marino or just as good as Peyton Manning?

Super Bowl appearances do matter. Elway and Brady both have been to five Super Bowls to lead all quarterbacks. To be an elite, all-time quarterback, you need to have reached at least multiple Super Bowls. In my mind, here are the four greatest quarterbacks of all time:

4. Montana: Probably the most overrated quarterback in NFL history. Montana had one of the greatest coaches of all time and had a great team around him. Montana threw to the greatest wide receiver of all time and doesn’t even rank in the top 10 in passing. Montana is No. 4 on this list because he has four rings.

3. Brady: Tom Terrific can arguably be higher but definitely deserves to be in the top three of all time. Brady has been coached by one of the best coaches in this generation, but has done a lot more. Brady has been to five Super Bowls and won three. Number 12 set the passing TD record and held it until this past season when Manning broke it. Brady has also put up record-setting numbers while taking an undefeated team in the regular season to the Super Bowl before losing. Brady has a better record against his rival Peyton Manning, but he has been in the same offensive system his entire career. Manning has been to the Super Bowl with two teams and in two different offensive systems.

2. Peyton Manning: Arguably the most criticized quarterback of all time, Manning led the greatest offense in NFL history last season. Manning has broken the passing touchdown record twice in his career and has a chance to hold every major all-time passing record while in a Broncos uniform. Manning doesn’t have the greatest playoff record or Super Bowl record (1-2), but he has won a record five MVP awards. The former Tennessee star is hands down the smartest quarterback of all time and prepares better than anybody else. Manning never had the best defenses with him, so he has always had to outscore his opponents, and that is what he has done his entire career.  

1. John Elway: When you think of the standard quarterback who can be a gunslinger, get outside the pocket and run with great legs, and read the defense or even call his own plays you have to think of Elway. He was the prototype for an NFL quarterback. Elway ranks in the top five of all the major passing categories. When No. 7 retired, he was the winningest quarterback of all time and still has the most fourth-quarter comebacks of all time. Despite not getting much help, Elway led the Broncos to five Super Bowls and finished his career winning two straight. Elway never had top receivers to throw to like Montana did. Montana threw to Jerry Rice, John Elway threw for almost 11,000 more passing yards than Montana did while passing to nobody. Elway led the greatest fourth-quarter jaunt in NFL history with “The Drive” against the Cleveland Browns. He was always known as the quarterback to never win the big one after three embarrassing losses to the Giants, 49ers, and Redskins in Super Bowls. Then in 1998, he finally became a world champion, beating the Green Bay Packers, 31-24, in Super Bowl XXXll. Elway led the Broncos to back-to-back Super Bowl victories before retiring after 16 seasons. Elway still remains the oldest quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl. He is the greatest quarterback of all time and on his way toward becoming one of the best general managers of all time.

The Denver Broncos have the top two quarterbacks in NFL history. Let's face reality: Terry Bradshaw is just a “Dumb Blonde”.

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