Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich

Created on Apr. 28, 2014 10:02 PM EST

The match that will take place tomorrow night in the Allianz Arena is one for the books. This football (soccer) match will include two of Europe's heavy whites; Bayern Munich and Real Madrid. Last week wednesday, Real madrid took a close victory in the Santiago Bernabeu beating the bavarians by a close 1-0. As many soccer fanatics would agree this is an anticipated final for the Champions League. Tomorrows winner will qualify to the most prestigious final in European Club Football. 

Since Real Madrid won their last champions league in 2002, they have had a mere obsession of winning one more; it being that it would be their 10th " La Decima'' This great motivation to win La Decima will be clearly shown in the pitch tomorrow night. As we analyze player by player in these two great clubs we cannot help but notice how similarly strong they both are.

It was spoken of Bayerns defense being the best in Europe and Madrid having some difficulties in that area. Last game in fact the defensive side of Madrid was looking much better than that of Bayern. It is very hard to pick a favorite for this game, its a difficult match for both squads and any of them can take the lead. Real Madrid already has a clear advantage with its previous victory; but playing in Germany is very hard. This is a true instance were the quote "anything can happen in 90 minutes'' will be shown.

In my opinion this game is not going to come down to how the ''stars'' play. It will not depend on the way  Cristiano Ronaldo or Frank RIbery play; it will have to be a team effort. In this instance I believe that Bayern's biggest nightmare is going to be Angel Di Maria which had a great first game. When Di Maria is on the top of his game he is in my opinion one of the deadliest players in the world.Di Maria now leads both the Spanish league and the Champions league in most assists. 

There is not much more to say about this match but that both teams are coming out with their strongest potential. No matter what club you follow, this is going to be a game for everyone to enjoy. So my suggestion to you is to kick back, open up a nice cold beer and enjoy the "Beautiful Game" 
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