Corbin Smith

Could Brandon Browner End Up Back in Seattle?

Created on Mar. 05, 2014 11:06 PM EST

After news broke yesterday that Brandon Browner would be reinstated by the National Football League, I started to ponder potential destinations for him to play next season. Up to this point, I've been adamant that he wouldn't wear a Seattle Seahawks' uniform again, but after hearing that he would still be suspended for the first four games of the 2014 season, I started to reconsider that as a possibility.

I still find the odds of Browner playing another down for the Seahawks to be slim, but the market for his services was already limited because of his history of drug-related issues, and now that market should be impacted even more by his impending four game suspension. Which teams would be willing to sign a guy now approaching 30 years old and coming off a sub-par, injury plagued season? And more importantly, would any of them pay much more than what the Seahawks were paying Browner the past few years?

If it was 2011, I think more teams would be willing to take a chance on him because he was playing at an All-Pro level at the time. But Browner hasn't been near as productive the last two seasons thanks to injuries and suspensions, and he has to be in a specific defensive scheme to excel. With Seattle coming off a Super Bowl victory in February, more teams will be looking for big, athletic corners, but Browner's baggage may make him unappealing to most franchises. That could potentially open the door for Seattle to bring him back on a short, incentive-laden deal.

The Seahawks wouldn't need immediate contributions from Browner, especially considering the rise of Byron Maxwell. But if the team can't resign Walter Thurmond, there could be a role for the veteran corner after he returns from suspension as long as he's able to tolerate not receiving a pay raise. If it comes down to money, coming back to the Seahawks won't be an option.

I would let Browner go at this point and not negotiate a potential return unless he stays unsigned deep into the off-season. If interest remains low elsewhere and he's willing to come back for a cheap price, I could see Seattle bringing him back. It would take perfect circumstances for the team to be willing to bring him back, but as his former teammates hinted on twitter yesterday, he's still well liked among his peers. That by itself leaves the door open for a reunion.

So what do you think? Should Seattle bring Browner back, or does the team need to move on for good? If not, where do you see him landing next season?
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