Ezekiel 25.17

Megatron's Old Man Hands

Created on Dec. 17, 2013 6:25 AM EST

Unreal Monday night performance by Calvin Johnson, who had a serious case of butterfingers in the loss to the Ravens. Megatron, who was targeted by the Baltimore peanut gallery last week for being old and past his prime (and then responded that he would show them his "old man strength") dropped a ton of balls. It was almost like he was playing against himself in fantasy football. I actually had him on one of my teams and was playing against him in another league in two tight playoff games. But the best receiver in football still managed to turn in a decent game and I lost both matchups.

I digress. Baltomore won and Detroit loss because the Ravens made gutty plays when they counted. Jacoby Jones was the best receiver on the field and Joe Flacco was the best QB. It was clear that one team was playoff hardened and the other, the Lions, has serious issues that go far deeper than a couple of Tron's drops.
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