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Is Super Frank a Traitor?

Created on Aug. 06, 2014 11:27 AM EST

Manchester City officially announced the loan signing of Frank Lampard from future MLS club, NYCFC today.

Chelsea fans have been barraging message boards with a mixed bag of reactions ranging from "good luck at City" to "traitor." But what should fan reaction look like when a club legend departs for a rival team?

Ultimately, reactions should be based on why Lampard left Chelsea.

Did he leave for money? If we were talking about a player like Ashley Cole, this would be a good question. But, Super Frank has illustrated that money and security are low on his priority list by accepting Roman Abramovich's insistence on signing players over 30 to single season contracts. Lampard could have left years prior in search of a long term deal that would ensure he was financially stable well into his retirement years. However, Lampard stayed the course with Chelsea. Not to mention, the highest paid player in MLS makes a little north of $6 mil a year. His wages in the MLS are going to be significantly less than what he earned at Chelsea. No, Lampard certainly didn't leave for money.

Did he leave Chelsea in search of trophies? Man City has won the premier league 2 of the last 3 seasons while also collecting trophies in the FA Cup, League Cup and Community Shield. Trophies and glory are always a big draw for players. However, during that same time period, Chelsea won the Champions League, Europa League and an FA Cup of their own. Throughout his career at Chelsea, Lampard has been flooded with medals and honors. He's a player with nothing left to prove. Also, let's not forget that Lampard signed for NYCFC without a guaranteed loan move to Man City. In fact, he rejected a loan move to Man City's Australian affiliate before moving back to the EPL.

So if he didn't leave for money or trophies, why did Lampard leave Chelsea?

Well, really, Chelsea left Lampard.

With Jose Mourinho back at the helm for the Blues, it was time to turn the page in Chelsea's history, which also meant turning over a squad. Chelsea didn't renew Lampard's contract, instead opting to bring in Nemanja Matic and Cesc Fabregas, forcing Lampard to look for employment elsewhere. And he landed at a fantastic opportunity with an MLS expansion franchise in a big market. He's accepted Chelsea's decision to part ways gracefully and is making the most of his new found opportunity.

So what should a Chelsea supporter's reaction be to Lampard's signing for Manchester City?

"Super, super Frank, 
Super, super Frank, 
Super, super Frank, 
Super Frankie Lampard... "

Good luck at City.
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