Which Striker would be fit for Chelsea team, Would Costa be the beast Chelsea needs .

Created on Mar. 27, 2014 6:15 PM EST

Looking back to the season and how Chelsea has been growing on each game proving that they can take any team. Chelsea has three strikers that has not really been effective in goal scoring with the abundant talent in the mid-field, eto has been doing his best in every game proving that he has a lot to offer, Torres has the speed and can beat defenders, he is trying to find that confident that he had when he was at Liverpool, he was one great striker that can take defenders at any giving time. Demba was doing well at Newcastle, maybe he has not been given been given more games.
Chelsea has an Abundant in the Mid-Field and are looking to have a Striker that can take on any team at any point of time and score more goals to put the team ahead other teams, Man city and Liverpool have been the best goal scoring teams in this season, with Chelsea Mid-Field they need one or two striker that can lighten up there game. Chelsea has a striker on loan and the news going about which am not sure is that they will be listening to offer when they Transfer window open, Lukaku is still young and would be a good striker if given more games and not loaning him out , he would form a good partner with the new striker.
Looking at what has been said about Chelsea's pursuit of Diego Costa, The 25-year-old has scored 24 league goals this season – two more than Messi and three less than Ronaldo. But his shot conversion rate is higher than both his La Liga rivals with a one-in-three strike rate compared to Messi’s one-in-four. Costa is not just a goal scorer. It is his ability to lead the line and bully defences that encouraged Del Bosque to bring him into the Spain fold.With costa on Chelsea team, they would be premier league and European champion again. With the likes of hazard, William and Oscar and Salah then Chelsea will be on the move again
Costa is very good and would fit in and, he would be better than other strikers that Chelsea are said to be link, he is young and  strong the kind that Chelsea need in their team, Like when they had Drogba he was  strong and always read to give Chelsea the willing goal….and now Chelsea has young Talents that need a good striker to be on top of their games. Beat teams and get goal that they need to win the league and not like they are lacking now
Would  Costa be what Chelsea need to succeed next season…Eto can be good too. But Chelsea need too striker to stay  in 
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