Arik Gordon

Do the Bears have a shot at the NFC North?

Created on Apr. 29, 2014 2:48 PM EST

The NFC North this year seems to have a different type of tone to it than it did last year. A year plagued with injuries, especially at the Quarterback position for the Packers and Bears, the Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings couldn't repeat previous years performances and take advantage of a broken division.

This leads me to think, if a team like the Lions couldn't take it all last year, what type of a chance do they have this year, along with the fact they have a whole new system to learn. Although they might have stars like and Megatron and Stafford, if the Lions couldn't get it right then, It's going to be a lot harder to get it right now.

The Vikings this year are the interesting team to look out for. Don Zimmer, a definite players coach, is going to get his first shot as a Head Coach. There is a lot of talent on this team even with the departure of Jared Allen. Although I don't think that the Vikings are Division contenders this year, I do put them over Detroit at the end of the season. If Zimmer can get the Defense back in order, and the right Quarterback fit, the Vikings could be playing some huge spoilers in this 2014 season.

The Bears and Packers have faced each other more times than any team in NFL, and this year will be one where they both have a legitimate shot at taking the Division. If Rodgers can stay healthy the Packers are a serious threat. The Packers wide receiving core is really strong and last year we found out their depth with guys like Jared Boykin. If there is ever a team to watch out for this year it is the Green Bay Packers.

So can the Bears steal one away and win the NFC North this year? Mark Trestman's offense seemed to click multiple times last year. I would assume the Bears will be looking for some defense in this years NFL Draft. They've also made two key signings with Lamarr Houston and Jared Allen. Alshon Jeffrey was on fire last year. If the offensive line can give Cutler enough time to run Trestman's plays, this team might be one of the best this year.

At the end of the season I see a close race with the Bears and the Packers for the top spot and possibly a first round bye. Both teams have a good shot of taking it all, and the expectations for these two cities is always at the highest degree. Barring any injuries the Packers should have the advantage over the Bears, but anything can happen on any given Sunday.  Week 4 and Week 10 are coming up fast.

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