Arik Gordon

Is Jared Allen the right Match for the Bears?

Created on Mar. 27, 2014 4:15 PM EST

Believe it or not, ever since Jared Allen signed with the Bears, I've been hearing questions like, why there?  Why not go to a championship team like Seattle?  Why not go under the bright lights of Dallas?  Or even more so why not take the best offer out in California with the Raiders?  Why go to the team, that just under a season ago was arguably your most hated division rival?

We've seen this multiple times, Darrelle Revis making his move to New England,  Greg Jennings joining the Vikings, and even Bears, Julius Peppers taking the trip up to Green Bay and joining division rival Packers.  it seems to be a common thread in the NFC North. However, people  forget that Allen was actually drafted by Kansas City,  and is not really considered a born and raised type of Viking.

After the departure of Brian Urlacher,  we all knew that the Chicago Bears defense was missing something.  Allen is looking to make a name for himself. With the Bears, who are always under the radar, he has the opportunity to be the star of that defense, and by staying inside the division, it's an easier transition, as well as bringing even more knowledge to the Bears on the Vikings, the Packers, and the Lions.

Jared Allen sees the most opportunity in Chicago. He will be the more comfortable there and he won't be by the loud noises of Seattle with guys like Richard Sherman,  or the uncertainties of teams ability to succeed like the Cowboys and Raiders.

Not only is he the right match,  this move makes the most sense.
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