Christopher Smith

Bowl Game Degenerate

Created on Dec. 19, 2013 11:22 PM EST

Let's play the unofficial "Degenerates Bowl Paradise" game!

Pretend you've gotten a 2,000-unit Christmas bonus. You sock away 1,000 in your savings account (but you can retrieve it if you run out ). Use your units to bet the bowls like a degenerate!

Reply to this thread and keep track of your bankroll, or post your own blog with "Bowl Game Degenerate" as the title.


1. Bet every game.
2. Must bet 10 percent or more of your bankroll each game. (If you lose all your money, just remember you've got another 1,000 units socked away!)
3. If you are a fan of a team, go nuts. Also, if you have nothing to do, say, the middle of the afternoon Monday, turn on the Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl and double down. Action, baby!
4. You must place at least three exotics by the end of the bowl season: Parlays, teasers or special bets.
5. Chase away! If you lose a bet, you must make an attempt to recoup your lost units ASAP.
6. Use the LVH line found here.
7. You don't have to follow any of the rules above. After all, true degenerates have no rules — and no limits.

Assume odds of -110 (must bet 110 units to win 100).

First round of picks for me.

Pick: CSU +4
Risk: 150
Potential Profit: 136.36
Remaining Bankroll: 850

Pick: FRES +6
Risk: 220
Potential Profit: 200
Remaining Bankroll: 630

Pick: BUF +1
Risk: 110
Potential Profit: 100
Remaining Bankroll: 520

Pick: TUL -1.5
Risk: 330
Potential Profit: 300
Remaining Bankroll: 190

Pick: PARLAY! FRES +6, BUF +1 AND TUL -1.5
Risk: 100
Potential Profit: 595.79
Remaining Bankroll: 90

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