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Ronaldo to pay the price of a award

Created on Jun. 27, 2014 12:25 PM EST

Cristiano Ronaldo is currently the best football player in the world for his performance in 2013. And this prize was conquered with so much effort from him, that was never contested by the critical. 

Ronaldo played the last year under Lionel Messi´s shadow. Such a bad luck from Ronaldo to be born in the same generation from the argentinian. However, it makes his feat bigger than if wasn´t Messi alive.

The year of 2013 was hard for Leo, along with his club Barcelona, fell down in quality and loss the most important matches and tournaments. Messi had outside fields issues, aswell. Physical and problems with Spain government and tax revenue, unfocused Lionel´s game quality. Cristiano, however, never be so concentrated on his target, to became the world´s best player of the year again. He made it in 2008, before Messi´s reign. 

Real Madrid won the Uefa Chamions League after years, and as the captain and key player of the team, Ronaldo earned points. We can´t deny his performance was amazing, But we can´t deny either that Real Madrid has a world class selection team. Di Maria and Bale, for an example, made the difference in the season 13-14.

When you see Portugal´s team, you can´t find a player in the same high level from Cristiano. The closest one is Nani, from Manchester United, and still, is far from CR´s quality.

The last and not least question is the physical conditioning. Ronaldo made so great effort on the season, that left just a little strenght for the World Cup. His game is too much based on a 100% body strenght. He is difficult stopped when he is physically fine. Otherwise, he loses his best potential, and becomes a normal good player in field, that can´t change a game or take the team on his back and leads them the victory.

And that´s the big difference between Ronaldo and Messi, in my opinion. Messi can make the difference even if he is not 100% conditioning. He plays more coletive football, and has more genious. He can pull a rabbit out of the hat, anytime.

Ronaldo likes to keep the role himself. To be the unique. As I said, when he is in shape, he can claim the responsability. But not this time.

He probably paid the expensive price of beating Messi and be the best player in the last season.

Cristiano Ronaldo went back home, and the sensation is that we´ve seen already his best on the pitch.

Portugal didn´t take a vantage of this great player era. With almost 30, the Lusos may start to think about what comes next. 

He didn´t see himself at the Brazil stadium´s screens in a good picture!

For Ronaldo, our farewell. Contrary to the sentence he use to scream out loud when scores a goal, he was not here this time around.
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