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COWBOYS #9 and #82 Lovers?

Created on Mar. 25, 2014 5:09 PM EST

Is it true? 
As a life long Dallas Cowboy fan I have a few things to say:
 First of all this probably isn't true.
However, if it is true it won't change how I feel about either player.  In fact hypothetically speaking I respect their bravery. It's unfortunate for the two families assuming this rumor whether true or not my cause some friction and pain on the home front of both players. It's especially NOT a laughing matter when the feelings of children are involved. Kids are pretty damn cruel in the regular world. Imagine what the child of a celeb must go through. On the other hand if this is true, I am not the slightest bit surprised. The two players are very close  friends to say the least. People who are gay are people first and they live amongst us. GET OVER IT PEOPLE. A small piece of irony here, Tony has been derogitorily called "Tony H_m_" his entire career by Cowboy haters. Let the ignorant, rude Broke Back Mountain jokes commence.  
For the naysayers:
Jason Witten is 2nd ALL TIME in receptions for TE and 17th OVERALL with receivers.
Tony Romo has a career QBR of 95.8 (5th all time)
In the 10 seasons together as starters it's arguable that NO QB TE combo has been more of a constant threat  other than maybe Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates.
By the time it's all said and done its safe to assume that the two (#9 and #82) will rank amongst the top 5 QB TE combinations of all time.
Yes folks, I would say that apparently love is the answer to success!

See article from Empire Sports below:

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