TJ Hatter

On Super Bowl Media Day & Other Such Nonsense

Created on Jan. 28, 2014 9:22 PM EST

Ironically, today combined the two mega press events of the State of the Union and Super Bowl Media Day. The two events are very different, of course. One features relentless self-promotion by reporters measured by varying degrees of self-discipline by players, where in every hack in the US tries to make themselves the story while the principle subject matters try to avoid making themselves a distraction...and the other one is Super Bowl Media Day.

There is no activity, none, more nonsensical than when older and established members of the media criticize the banal and occasionally moronic trolling that happens during this day in the Super Bowl cycle. That is for one simple reason: every reporter was a young cub looking to get noticed once.


That is not unlike young political reporters, who are also trying to get big time stories. Eyeballs mean job security in the Journalism-Infotainment Sphere. Like it or not, in today's internet based information economy, the more clicks the more likely you are to survive. Which brings us to the pointless sanctimony from established Talking-Heads whose wallets have been fattened by coming of age during the Golden Era of talking heads.

I'm a columnist and have covered 3 Super Bowls and been to several more. Don't believe me? I don't blame you. Here. Now, I can tell you from experience that you most want at an event like Super Bowl Media Day or the State of the Union is to be near a columnist. Why? Because if they're worth half a damn they're the most interesting people to sit near: opinionated, funny and subversive.

But we're all also preening shmoos. It comes with the job.

So when you hear folks decrying the current coverage of the State of the Union or Super Bowl Media Day just remember that this is the journalistic equivalent of someone telling you to get off their lawn. It doesn't matter if you've done something wrong. I doesn't matter if you're being disrespectful. You don't even have to be on the same block for them to be shouting.

They're just hoping someone is still listening.


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