Joe Sorensen

Sherman Jersey Sales Spike After His Epic Rant

Created on Jan. 27, 2014 8:55 PM EST

The idea that people buy football jerseys of the players they like and the ones that appear likeable is a common assumption. Others, like me, may buy them regardless of a specific team, and focus on how they look based on colors, design, etc. It would be an oddity to see an increase in jersey sales for a player who, in a way, has declared himself a “villain” in the National Football League. Amazingly, Seattle Seahawks DB Richard Sherman has achieved such a feat.

After calling San Francisco 49ers’ WR Michael Crabtree a “mediocre receiver,” Sherman has cracked the top-10 list for most popular jerseys in the league. In January alone, he has moved up three spots, overtaking the likes of Washington’s RG3. He is the only defensive player on the list, and it doesn’t make sense.

Not to take anything away from Sherman, he is a threat on the field and an excellent man-defender. But does this truly attract fans to his jersey? OK, the Seahawks’ jerseys have become a lot nicer since they were changed a few years back. But the team already has QB Russell Wilson (second) and RB Marshawn Lynch (sixth) on the list. How many Seahawks’ jerseys do people need? Are the jerseys cheap enough in Seattle for every Seahawks’ fan to buy a minimum of three? Next year, when he is finally healthy, WR Percy Harvin might crack the top-25 list because the amount of Seahawks’ fans appears to grow every day.

If “band-wagoners” are the primary buyers, how come more Broncos jerseys are not being sold? Broncos’ QB Peyton Manning is at the top of the list, but there are other players who are worthy of having their jerseys bought. The next closest teammate of Manning's is WR Wes Welker, all the way down at No. 23. If I was a Broncos fan, or if I knew where to get a jersey other than Manning’s, the top choice would have to be either WR Demayrius Thomas or TE Julius Thomas. But they are nowhere to be found on the list. 

It is not to say that Sherman should not be liked, unless you are a 49ers’ fan, but there appears to be more options available in your local stores. He is only three spots behind last season’s MVP, Minnesota Vikings’ RB Adrian Peterson, and two spots behind Green Bay Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers. At this pace, he might pass both of them by the NFL Draft. 

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