Gang Related

Created on Jul. 03, 2014 1:16 PM EST

After being let go by the Philadelphia Eagles on March 28th, Desean Jackson was under investigation for his alleged Gang ties. Although he never admitted to being part of any gang, nor is there any evidence that he is, he did come clean about associating with "certain people" from time to time. 

In the NFL today we see teams who give players many second chances after they have multiple run ins with the law due to their poor off-the-field behavior, is it something the NFL needs to be more strict upon? Do these type of players deserve the second, third, fourth chance?

Talent is no doubt what counts most on the field, but if they're going to make a bigger deal about having a Michael Sam in the locker room as opposed to say an Aaron Hernandez, is there a double standard? Obviously football is a "manly" sport, but is being violent and troublesome off the field more "manly" than being open about who you are? Are those the type of "men" who you'd prefer to have around? If he can play, he can play....right?
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