Jimmie Kaylor

A Decade Of Trades That Rocked The NFL Draft

Created on May. 05, 2014 12:39 PM EST

One of the more exciting aspects of the NFL Draft is the unforeseen trading of draft picks that occurs every year. As we approach the 2014 NFL Draft, trade rumors will grow more and more rampant by the day. Some projected trade scenarios will have a realistic chance of happening, others will not.

You may not know that there is a specific point value assigned to every pick in the draft. While they are not an exact science, the values are used league-wide and can give fans a glimpse into part of the thought process that goes into every blockbuster trade on draft day. These draft pick values, which were created by Jimmy Johnson in the early 1990s, are a part of the NFL Draft Value Chart and are a factor in every draft pick trade that gets completed. The NFL Draft Value Chart shows the values NFL general managers and personnel executives place on each pick in the NFL Draft.  

Using the values from the NFL Draft Value Chart, here is a look at the winners and losers in some of the biggest draft pick trades over the past 10 NFL drafts.

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