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Is Everton in great form or did David Moyes keep them down.....

Created on Jan. 05, 2014 1:32 AM EST

     When David Moyes made the move to Man U, I almost lost my lunch.  With Sir Alex gone I felt United would finally lose their grip on the BPL, but surely not with Moyes at the helm.  Well...not only was I wrong about Moyes and Man U, but now I'm rethinking Everton's so called success while he was at Goodison Park (did the team only perform down to his low standards? could Everton have reached further up the table, in so many seasons? could I have seen the Blues in the Champions League?) 
     Something to ponder as Everton continues to put out results and United slips away....
And yes, I know Martinez is a good coach and did well with Wigan.  But please don't tell me, "It's because of Martinez...."