2014 Fantasy Football Busts

Created on Jun. 26, 2014 12:23 PM EST

Let me preface this article by stating the term "bust" in this instance does not mean huge disappointment as much as it means I feel these players are being vastly over drafted.  That being said, let's get on to the players I feel will not meet their fantasy owners expectations!

1) LeVeon Bell - Look, I don't mind the guy as a #2 RB and he is gladly someone I would take in the late 2nd or early 3rd round but that isn't where Bell is being drafted.  His current ADP based on FantasyPros data has him as the 8th overall RB being taken and the 14th player overall.  

He had a good season last year with 860 yards rushing, 399 yards receiving and 8 total TDs.  I don't expect the yardage to drop a ton (especially the receiving yards) but with the addition of LeGarrette Blount, who comes off of 772 yards rushing and 7 TDs with the Patriots is being greatly overlooked.  Blount had nearly the same amount of yards as Bell but with nearly 100 less carries.  

This has a 60/40 split written all over it.  I expect Bell to thrive in no-huddle and receiving situations but I look for his rushing yards and TDs to actually decrease this year.  

Running Backs currently drafted after Bell I prefer - Arian Foster, Zach Stacy & Demarco Murray 

2) Keenan Allen - His is currently being drafted as the 11th WR and 30th player overall.  That means that teams in a 12 team league are taking them as their WR1 - that is insanity.

Allen is coming off a good season in which for the first time in which Rivers produced a bit of a bounce-back campaign.  Allen had 71 receptions, 
1046 yards and 8 TDs.  While I appreciate the numbers, I look at Allen, I look at Rivers and I don't expect them to duplicate that success.  Allen just does not have the physical tools to dominate defenses and San Diego did little to improve anyone around him.

I believe Allen will have close to the same amount of receptions, 900 - 1000 yards and 5-7 TDs.  Good numbers for a WR2, but subpar for a WR1.

Wide Receivers currently drafted after Allen I prefer - Larry Fitzgerald, Victor Cruz, Pierre Garcon

3) Seattle Seahawks Defense/Special Teams - I usually would not even bother mentions a DST but this one is going 70th OVERALL.  WHAT?!?  A DST is going at the top of the 7th rounds?!?  Unbelievable!!!  There is no reason to take ANY DST at the top of the 70th round.  DSTs are naturally reliant upon luck.  

If the Seahawks DST fails to produce 28 turnovers (their schedule is much tougher this year than last) they will not provide the statistical advantage over other DSTs that they provided last year.

There is a ridiculous amount so I will just highlight a few of the players being taken after the Seahawks DST I would prefer - Joique Bell, Stevan Ridley, Emmanuel Sanders, Reggie Wayne, Tony Romo, Colin Kaepernik

4) Knowshon Moreno - he is being drafted as the 29th RB and 80th player overall.  Repeat after me - the Miami Dolphins are NOT the Denver Broncos.  Moreno did the majority of his damage against 6 defends in the box.  He had Peyton Manning, Demaryius Thomas, Julius Thomas and Eric Decker scaring defense.  

In Miami he will have Ryan Tannehil, Mike Wallace, Charles Clay and Brain Hartline.... need I say more?

Ok, he also just had what seems like 12,000th knee surgery.  His best offensive lineman is hurt.  The AFC East had better defenses than the AFC West and well, he's just not very good.

Running Backs currently drafted after Moreno I prefer - Stevan Jackson, Maurice Jones-Drew, Pierre Thomas, Fred Jackson
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