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#FLEX League Recap: When Less Than A Point Matters

Created on Oct. 30, 2013 10:38 AM EST

#FLEX League (link)

I'm assuming I don't need to reiterate the level of luck involved with fantasy football after last week's wrap-up. Although, I will share an astounding feat that proves it yet again – well, at least it's astounding in my eyes. I understand you're more likely to see crazy things happen when you're in 26 leagues, but this is still a bit nuts. I won a matchup by .35 and 1.0, while also losing three others by .24, .18 and .10! Wait, it gets worse. The .10 loss, that was with Calvin Johnson (and Reggie Bush even) on my team. Yep, who had Calvin and lost, by a fraction of a point? This guy. Terrific, I tell you.

In the #FLEX league, I had my best week in a while thanks to Golden Tate, Demaryius Thomas and the Bengals defense. David Gonos (@davidgonos) narrowly defeated Eric Mack (@EricMackFantasy) with a 117.42 to 115.16 score. Matt Schauf (@SchaufDS) was the tough luck loser with 132.28 points, as Scott Pianowski (@scott_pianowski) scored 141.64. Schauf's score would have netted him a win against seven other opponents. Gonos and Jamey Eisenberg (@JameyEisenberg) – two of the brains along with me behind this #FLEX idea (sorry fellas, I'm dragging us down) – sit atop the standings at 7-1. Mack is alone at 6-2, while we have a six team race for the playoffs within two games of each other. Surprisingly, both Gonos and Eisenberg started the season with a loss.

Time to check in with the owners.

Ryan Hodge (@TheFantasyBums) (My Opponent)

1. About everything that could go wrong is going wrong for your team this year. What do you think is the biggest reason behind the struggle?

The biggest reason is probably drafting a bunch of busts. Between Doug Martin, Tom Brady, Marques Colston, Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen, my team has just fell flat on its face. One of the other reasons is probably due to getting outbid on the waiver wire. I need(ed) to be more aggressive with my FAAB in order to make up for some of the aforementioned players.

2. As a Jordan Cameron owner, are you looking to trade him with the poor QB play preventing him from the huge numbers we saw at the beginning of the year?

Most likely not, but I would consider packaging him for an upgrade at a RB spot. In the past three weeks, Cameron is still averaging just north of six targets per game with a 84 percent completion percentage and has 200 receiving yards in the span (third amongst TEs).

3. If you owned Greg Jennings (as I do... sigh), would you even start him moving forward?

Maybe during the bye weeks in a deep league like ours, but nine out of 10 times, I am probably going to leave him on my bench and start a high-upside guy like Kenny Stills or Kris Durham.

- Most owners were or would have been extremely happy with that group, but as Ryan has seen (and luck would have you) a couple busts can tank your season. After all, I'm doing my best to recover from Trent Richardson, David Wilson, Dwayne Bowe (thankfully gone) and Greg Jennings!

Jonathan Bales (@BalesFootball)  (Sneaky 3rd Place Best Ball Owner)

1. You've been quietly hanging around in third all year and have closed the gap considerably. Do you think your team has the makeup to win it all?

I think my roster is pretty weak, to be honest. I've been saved by Jamaal Charles and Peyton Manning. Otherwise, I'm pretty thin at wide receiver and tight end. I have enough high-upside players to give me a shot at winning, but I wouldn't consider my chances to win at more than about 25 percent right now.

2. Maurice Jones-Drew posted his best game of the season this past week - against the 49ers! Do you expect an improved MJD after the bye?

No, I don't really have much confidence in MJD. I drafted him because he fell so far, but I'm banking on DeMarco Murray returning soon. If Murray puts up borderline RB1 numbers upon his return, I have a decent shot.

3. If this were a standard league, would you bench, trade or even look to acquire (if you didn't own him) Marques Colston?

I'd likely play matchups with him since I have a few other options at wide receiver. I definitely wouldn't trade him since the value would be minimal and he's still very red zone relevant. I might consider trading for him, too, if the deal were right. I'd expect at least a decent second half for Colston since he can always give you points from touchdowns..


Nowhere near the amount of action we saw last week, but there were still a few intriguing pickups. I bid $12 on Marvin Jones (half expecting not to get him), and Jim Day (@Fantasytaz) snagged him for $44. I can understand Day's aggressive bid given his team, but I wasn't willing to spend much on a receiver who has played just one-third of the Bengals offensive snaps over the past three weeks. Can you say boom or bust? Pianowski picked up the red-hot, red-haired Andy Dalton for $6, dropping touchdown-starved Eli Manning in the process. John Halpin (@jhalpin37) made a few changes with Jake Locker ($3) for Ben Roethlisberger, James Starks ($2) for Tashard Choice and a defense and kicker exchange. That was it. After the bids processed, Tim Heaney (@Tim_Heaney) picked up Nate Washington, I grabbed Kenny Stills (I'm thin at WR because of byes), Schauf grabbed Joique Bell, who I dropped for Stills (jerk) and then picked up Roy Helu after Pianowski dropped him. What's going on there, Matt?

For more waiver wire recommendations, make sure to check out John Kerwin’s Waiver Wire Matinee.

Week 9

As I squeeze one more week out of DeAngelo Williams, I am debating starting two of Marlon Brown, Greg Jennings or Kenny Stills. Yep, as I said, thanks a lot Greg Jennings. Eisenberg and Mack face off this week, which could knot things up or widen the gap atop the league.

Best Ball (link)

It appears as though Mike Clay (@MikeClayNFL) and Alex Miglio (@AlexMiglio) will be jockeying for some time. Clay took the lead back but only by 4.06 points. As I mentioned above, Bales is lurking in third, somewhat unnoticed. JJ Zachariason (@LateRoundQB) made a big jump into fourth with the week's top score of 185.92, as Bob Harris (@footballdiehard) and Ryan Bonini (@ryanbonini) held steady in fifth and sixth.

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