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Weekly Fantasy Football: Trio Of WR Studs

Created on Dec. 18, 2013 1:51 PM EST

Weekly Fantasy Football

Jamaal Charles plus Nick Foles plus Chiefs DST. Hmm, think I had a good week? Even with Shane Vereen getting Bill Belichick'd, I still came away victorious, and now we look to finish the season strong with just two weeks to go!

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Five Card Stud(s)

Nick Foles – Again I ask you, "How do you not use Foles as your quarterback or Flex option?" We're talking about a player who ranks in the Top Five in the games he started and finished. Yet, Foles is still just $12.4 million. Now, add in a matchup with the Bears, a defense that can't stop anyone in a must-win game, and you simply can't find a reason not to use Foles.

Kirk Cousins – I would argue and say you are getting too cute… if this were a standard league with a championship on the line. As it stands, weekly football allows you to make bold moves. With a $13.1 million price, Cousins truly isn't that crazy of a call. He showed last week that the fantasy potential is there, and this week, the Redskins play the Cowboys. Did you see how good the Cowboys made Matt Flynn look? Yea, exactly. Cousins has to be part of your lineup, and as a result, we're doubling up on quarterbacks… as we normally do.

Le'Veon Bell – Guess who's NOT finding his way into my lineup? Shane Vereen. Or, any Patriots running back for that matter. I'm tired of getting Belichick'd! The Packers defense has been in a downward spiral for the second half of the season, and that involves letting everyone run on them. That's great news for Bell, who has been rolling along since Week 8 in Oakland. In fact, Bell is averaging 16.4 PPG in PPR formats since that game, which makes him a relative bargain at $9.6 million.

- Of note: with those two quarterback savings (and the money saved at receiver, as you'll see) my other two backs are Charles and LeSean McCoy. Yup!

Josh Gordon/Alshon Jeffery/Keenan Allen – I'm grouping this trio together because like Foles, I have no Earthly idea how you choose anyone else. No. Seriously. Tell me how! Gordon is second only to Calvin Johnson in one less game played and is just $7.2 million. Jeffery has turned into a fantasy beast and is $6.2 million. And, Allen has been a WR1 most weeks in the second half and is only $5.0 million. Oh, let's check the matchups too. Gordon faces the Jets, Jeffery versus the Eagles and Allen sees the Raiders. I don't care if you copy my lineup exactly, you'd be insane messing around with anyone else.

Muck 'Em

Drew Brees – Yes, Brees can overcome any matchup there is, and he did so two weeks ago with 313 yards and four touchdowns against the Panthers, but I'm not spending $19.5 million to risk him doing it twice. This time, the game is in Carolina, and the Saints are much worse on the road, as is Brees with 23:3 TD:INT ratio at home, 11:7 away.

Trent Richardson – Please, no, please. There is talk about TRich again after Donald Brown suffered a stinger last week. If Brown misses Week 16, Richardson apologists will be trying to hype him again. Even with his most work in weeks, Richardson still only managed 3.4 yards per carry against the Texans, and the Colts face the Chiefs this week. Don't even think about using Richardson, just don't.

Larry Fitzgerald – This isn't just about Fitz and his concussion concerns (he passed the baseline tests already). This is more about Fitzgerald's $9.0 million price coupled with a matchup against (queue menacing sound bite) the Seahawks. Oh, and I already gave you three reasons why you shouldn’t even waste your time looking around for receiver options.

Fantasy Challenge Game (Details)

Broncos. Check. Moving on. Anyone paying attention to the Chiefs and their level of scoring of late? You should be. Intriguing battle between the Lions and Eagles for Group 3. The Eagles and Bears should turn into a shootout (hint for Group 4), but the Lions could outscore both against the Giants defense. The Chargers continue to score at a good clip and have a nice matchup. Don't forget about those Redskins facing the Cowboys. Obviously, you'll want to avoid the Vikings, Colts, Cardinals and Falcons.

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