A Latin American world cup.

Created on Aug. 04, 2014 5:12 PM EST

August has start it and the passion of the world cup has died while the month begins, all the different teams all around the world are getting ready for their different season. While Real Madrid does what it does best which is splurging money on one of the best players that this world cup has given us(@jamesrodriguezofficial) (@keylornavas), teams in the MLS do what they do best which is bringing players that are at the end of their career from the great European teams(@franklampart)(@davidvilla)
But we can not forget what this world cup has brought us, even though the power houses like Germany and Netherlands had a great world cup we can not count out the great teams that surprised us with their amazing players and great show of team play and even though the teams that we expected the most from in this world cup didn't gave us much I believe that it was a very accomplishing world cup for the South and Central American teams. Teams like Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, United States, and even the 2nd and 4th place with Argentina and Brazil were teams that gave us great games thru out this world cup, I am positive that as we will be hearing about all this great players that are joining big teams like Real Madrid, Arsenal, and other great European teams that were the creation of this great teams that we saw in this world cup and we for sure will see in the next world cup.
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