Ezekiel 25.17

Are You Tired Of Johnny Football Yet?

Created on Jun. 22, 2014 9:19 AM EST

He can't hear you because there is too much [bleeping] money in his hand!

Reminds me of when Patrick Roy said he couldn't hear Jeremy Roenick because he had his two Stanley Cup rings in his ears. Two Stanley Cup rings.

And when Crash Davis told Nuke LaLoosh that fungus on your shower shoes, until you win 20 in the show, means you are a slob. Win 20, and they'll call you colorful.

Johnny Manziel has done exactly as much as me or you have in the NFL so far, which is to say he has done nothing. He could be good, or he could be Tim Tebow. Imagine if Tebow was on the Internet talking into his money phone. At least Tebow was classy. Not a good QB, but he was classy.

Johnny Football is headed down a dangerous road. He is setting himself up to be a joke. Or is he setting himself up to be this generation's version of Jim McMahon?

Are you tired of Manziel yet? Better yet, how long before his teammates are tired of him?

As long as he wins, they'll tolerate him. As long as he wins, they'll call him colorful.

Until then, however, he's just a joke.

With a phone that gets lousy reception.

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