Joe Jenkins

Bobby Bowden, Florida State and the SEC. What Might Have Been?

Created on Jul. 04, 2014 10:51 AM EST

So Eric Russell did a great (and hilarious) piece on what could have been if Bobby Bowden hadn't (sort of) admitted that he may have been a little frightened by the idea of joining the SEC. He's a smart man.  Time to play the "what if" game:

  • What's Bowden's legacy if the Noles moved to the SEC? What's Bowden's win total? National Championship tally?
  • Where does the SEC stand? How does it look? Who's in and who's out?
  • How would Bowden in the SEC have impacted the legacy of Spurrier (who dominated the conference in the early 90s)? What about Saban? Maybe even Miles?

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