Cam Newton: Barely a QB1

Created on Mar. 19, 2014 9:43 AM EST

To be fair, in a 12-teamer, Cam is solidly a QB1, but as of now, he barely cracks the Top 10. After all, the Panthers have ignored their receivers in FA, released Smith and let LaFell and Ginn sign elsewhere. You've seen it; King and McNutt are their top two right now! Add to that, Newton is having offseason surgery, which means even if they bring in a Denarius Moore or rookies, they won't have the full time to develop chemistry with Newton. I had Cam QB5, but now give me Brady, Foles, Luck, Romo and Ryan over him...until we see different at the receiver position. Don't forget too - for those anti-Ryan - he has Julio back!
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