Clowney should be number 1, but its not as unamious as you think.

Created on Apr. 03, 2014 12:04 PM EST

We all hear about the analysts raving about Clowney's athletic ability. He has fluid hips to play at a OLB in a 3-4...he has freakish speed...he will dominate in the NFL....Wait what? Dominate the NFL? He didn't dominate the SEC in 2013, and he wasn't the most productive nor dominate player on his team, that was Kelcy Quarles. Now before you start ripping off stats and 40 times and stating teams adjusted their protection towards him its important to note the greatest pass rushers, LT, Reggie, Derrick Thomas etc always had protections adjusted to stop them and  to be potentially dominate (Clowney) and being dominate are not the same. The 2013 season was great for Clowney because it unearthed kinks in his armor. The problem with so many fans and scouts is that they equate speed and athletic ability to football ability, and they are not one and the same. How does an undrafted D3 player from John Carroll carve out a long and distinguished All-Pro Career like London Fletcher, over a player like Rolando McClain a first round pick that retired and is trying to again resurrect his career. One is a football player with ability, the other is a player with athletic ability trying to play football. My point is this, the hype and athletic ability may be too much for Houston to pass and though Clowney is a great player, you cannot deny the red flags that have appeared. Maybe he was saving himself for the NFL, but then again isn't that an indicator he will save himself until his contract year? Clowney will most likely go first, its not as great of a blow to an organization if they miss on a DE/OLB if he doesn't live up to expectations than if they miss on a QB. Its important to look at both sides of the pros and cons, when it comes to drafting, its always easier to hang your hat on the freakish measuarables, but if he fails, its on the coaches, the prospect and everyone else that were supposed to make him great when the truth of the matter is not all great athletes make great players.  Its not an easy position for any GM to be in, but that's why they make the big bucks.
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