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FIFA Ban on Barca Transfers: Losers & Winners

Created on Apr. 02, 2014 4:33 PM EST

Years ago, when Lionel Messi was a young boy, Barcelona scouted him. Barcelona knew of his potential talent. They knew of his physical disability. They took a chance, and they paid for his medical treatment. Barcelona ended up creating one of the best players of all time.

What if Barcelona couldn't invest in youth players? What if the next Lionel Messi is ignored, because Fifa, or Sepp Blatter, Sith Lord of all football, has made such investments punishable? 

The surprise news of Fifa's ban on Barcelona transfers for the next two transfer windows came as a shock today. As the dust settled, certain issues surrounding the Fifa decision emerged. This punishment may well be a game changer for many entities connected to the game. This article will explore the losers and winners. Why not winners and losers? Because, once again, Fifa has created more losers than winners.  And so let us start with that.


So many positions need changing, and at this juncture, to suffer a punishment so heavy... This could well change the face of the Spanish league. By next year, the likely result will be Barcelona misses the CL. Barcelona has major defensive gaps being exploited now. Puyol is all but gone. Dani Alves is not the player he was in 2008. 

While Pique is still top shelf, and Jordi Alba is silk, they are not an entire defense. 

Marc-André ter Stegen
If you thought ter Stegen's transfer to Barcelona was already delayed long enough, think again. MAtS will have to wait another year before he can join the Catalan team.

In the meantime, MAtS will have no problem playing for any team in need of a good keeper, and could end up getting paid handsomely to ply his services elsewhere. Possible destinations with attractive financing include SSC Napoli and Arsenal, both of which shall likely see Champions League action next year. AC Milan may also benefit from a new keeper (and defensive back line...).

SSC Napoli
Heated rumors that Napoli were heavily interested in Javier Mascherano. Sepp Blatter has doused any interest that Napoli had, by handcuffing Barcelona in the transfer market. 

American MLS fans
The prospect of seeing a player the quality of Xavi on American soil was within pk distance for many American fans. Chances are that Barcelona will have to do whatever they can to retain him for just one more year. Could Xavi turn down such a request? That will remain to be seen. But in the meantime, Xavi's chances of joining New York are even more dismal. 

However, he will still be a possibility for Beckham to sign in 2017, when the Miami Poshes enter the MLS. (Team name is tentative, and not set in stone.)

Bayern Munich
Bayern has long been a team that takes the best talent of the entire league, in order to remain the top of the league. While Bayern has enjoyed sucking Dortmund dry of its talent, it had no place for ter Stegen. Thus another team in the Bundesliga may still present a defensive challenge to Bayern, assuming that Borussia retains their young keeper. 

Cristiano Ronaldo
CR7 is a lot of things, but what he is not is a person that enjoys weak competition. When CR7 transferred to Madrid, he did so with the intention of showing the world that he is the best. And while he has done so, one must imagine the disappointment in Fifa that he is feeling right now, as his challenges are being gimped, over what seems a very minor offense.


Certain Barcelona Players With Expiring Contracts
This summer, Victor Valdes was set to leave. Contract expiring, and no interest from Barcelona to re-sign him. How quickly will that change. Yes, he's injured now. Normally an injured player will not have much interest of bargaining power with a professional team, much less one at the level of Barcelona. But when the options are Victor Valdes or Pinto... Well, you get the idea. 

Next year, Pique and Dani Alves are due to sign new contracts, as their current deals expire in 2015. With the recent transfer handcuffing, expect both of them to get excellent deals. In the case of Dani Alves, who has lost a step in his game, this new-found bargaining position may be extremely welcome.

And for those players, hopefully they take advantage of Barcelona's situation, and hopefully they provide the talent level needed for Barcelona to remain in the Champions League. La Liga needs Barcelona in the Champions League, just as the Serie A needed Milan in the Champions League. Without such a historic team representing the league, expect the league to fall into mediocrity.
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