Four-Take-Aways from Week 1 of Pre-Season Football

Created on Aug. 11, 2014 2:57 AM EST

The long awaited first week of preseason football has arrived. I have been - how do you say - dying to watch something other than baseball and soccer. Baseball is great/good/ok don’t get me wrong, but until the last 20 games of a tight pennant race gets rolling, I really don’t watch complete games until the post-season.

So having waited almost half a year for some football, seeing the first week of preseason just calms my nerves. With that being said, this weekend wasn’t just fun and games; there was a lot on the line. Here are the Four-Take-Aways from week 1:

1) The Broncos Looked Very Good
The Seahawks were good too - but with the acquisitions made on both sides of the ball, Denver looks like they mean business. Omaha has never sounded so sweet. Frankly I am not the biggest Peyton Manning fan, but watching him perform at the line of scrimmage prior to the snap is sheer entertainment. When is he changing a play, and when is he just messing with you?

Unlike others who made a big deal over the Seahawks win, claiming it exacted revenge, or that it was a statement win of some sort,  I felt it was anything but. This game was less important than the dress rehearsal for the dress rehearsal. Either way, Denver looked really good.

2) Some Coaches Should get Cut
This is definitely one thought that stuck with me this weekend. If players are fighting to maintain or gain a roster spot, why isn’t inept play calling under evaluation too? By no means the only bad play call of the whole weekend, but Browns-Lions, 3rd and 1; the play selected for the Browns with Johnny Manziel under center, was a pistol formation option run. The end result, Manziel chose to keep the ball, and attempt to run for the first down. Three members of the Lions defense gladly hammered Johnny and denied him the yard. Now just think, had Manziel dislocated his shoulder, or broken his collarbone how stupid the notion of “needing a first down” in preseason is. The play call should have never given Manziel the option to run. Simple slant pass, or hand-off. You be the judge.

3) Penalties Are Up
The exact number of penalties are known, and that information is out there, but for now by using the numbers of a random sample, the results are in, and the number of penalties were high. Why so many penalties? My hunch is that the refs were getting in some practice too, and rightly so. Some players also seemed to have forgotten what not to do...I can’t tell how many times I heard “illegal hands to the face” called. With more focus being placed on enforcing already existing rules, this may be a sign of things to come.

4) Bad is Getting Worst
There are some teams that due to their recent history...or franchise history, not much is expected of them. So a less than satisfactory showing in the first week of preseason doesn’t raise an alarm. In an effort not to offend the fans of teams that are going nowhere, those teams with little to no expectations will remain nameless.

Whereas I am definitely not one to over analyze preseason play, or make much ado about nothing, some teams that looked god-awful last year, aren’t looking new and improved this year. The passing attack of the Giants looks putrid. The Cowboys are still losing. The Texans could not put up a single point. Cleveland is still finding a way to lose. If anything doesn’t change by next week, its going to be a long year for some teams.

Which team do you think had the worst result this weekend?

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