Tristan Johnson

'Hawks D and Legion of Boom to Weaken in 2014? I Think Not

Created on Aug. 15, 2014 2:54 PM EST

Any half-witted hooligan could heed that If there was any concern regarding Seattle's defense last year it was their pass rush. Well maybe not, but the fact remains. And yes, you could say the LOB (and remember it was without Mr. "Green Doctor" Brandon Browner) made up for any lacking elsewhere defensively.

Then came their second Super Bowl appearance against a seemingly flawless passing offense led by a fairly well-known gentleman who goes by Peyton (I mostly know of him from his funny commercials). Ruh-Roh, "pass rush shall be exposed," predicts Murphy's Law; and apparently Scooby.

Instead the likes of Cliff Avril, Malcolm Smith, Clinton McDonald, Chris Clemons and others seem to engage at a pace unknown to Mr. Manning and the Broncos, allowing for what's been called many times "A Domination."

Needless to say the LOB was excited and it was clear they matched their bigger-halves intensity throughout the game.

Now onto 2014.

Cornerbacks Walter Thurmond and Brandon Browner are gone from the LOB. DT Clinton McDonald and DE Chris Clemons also are elsewhere (of course Clemons with high hopes of helping those feisty Jags out - chuckle, chuckle).

Sorry Jacksonville, but on the plus-side, I've heard you can get tap beer flawlessly filled from the bottom of your cup at EverBank Field!! It's called Bottoms Up Beer - but that's too much digression.

Their replacements?

Veteran DT Kevin Williams, Draftee DE Cassius Marsh and veteran CB's Philip Adams and A.J. Jefferson.

Expecting them to mesh seamlessly into the Seahawks' defense actually might not be that much of an overstatement.  The impressive culture and prudence established by Defense Coordinator Dan Quinn and ultimately of course, Pete Carroll, might just induce growth and acclimation for these new Seahawks. 

I don't know about you but I am excited. Even if Richard Sherman still holds a grudge against Michael Crabtree.
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