Blake Lovell (36)

Is La Liga Better Than the Premier League?

Created on Jul. 25, 2014 10:46 AM EST

It's always been a fun exercise to compare different leagues around the world. 

One of the hottest leagues debates in the beautiful game today is that of La Liga vs. the English Premier League.

The EPL is likely the first league that the majority of people think of due to its history and availability on large networks, but in terms of overall talent, is La Liga better?

Real Madrid winger Gareth Bale seems to think so, as he recently stated that he believes that Spain boasts the most exciting football in the world as opposed to the Premier League.

Is he correct? That depends. Sure, you could statistically compare different teams from each league and base your decision purely off of that, but there will usually always be a bias one way or another. There is no right answer to this question, as it's simply a matter of opinion.

For me, the Premier League provides me a better value in terms of entertainment. There's more unpredictability at the top of the league which provides more intrigue, and obviously the television presentation doesn't hurt.

However, there's no doubt that some of the best players in the world are starting to choose Real Madrid and Barcelona over the traditional EPL powers.

But again, does that necessarily make the league better?

The question itself could go in so many different directions. You would seemingly have to break down every little facet of each league in order to determine the true best.

Things such as comparing the top teams to the way that the league promotes its product would all matter when it comes to making a definitive decision.

If it's just based off of the play on the pitch though, my preference would be the EPL. The thrill of  El Classico is undeniable, but beyond that, I feel like from top to bottom, I get a better product from the Premier League.

But hey, that's just one man's opinion. Bale has his, and I have mine. Now it's your turn to decide.
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