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Louis Van Gaal Continues to Be Unhappy With US Tour

Created on Jul. 26, 2014 2:32 PM EST

For a guy that had just taken over the one of the most valuable franchises in the world, Louis van Gaal doesn't seem all that happy.

The new boss' complaints started when he criticized Manchester United's pre-season tour around the United States -- a tour that van Gaal believes is detrimental to his club's preparation for the upcoming Premier League season.

Of course, he didn't stop there. Now he has decided to voice his displeasure with another part of the tour in the states.

The new manager is irked due to the kickoff time against Roma in the squad's first match in the International Champions Cup tournament, suggesting that a middle of the day start with hot temperatures in Denver is not the smartest of moves.

Van Gaal's managing skills are certainly elite, but his continued outcry over this US tour likely comes across as whining to most people.

However, it's easy to understand why he's doing it.

Van Gaal understands the position that he is in as the manager of United, and knows that in order for this club to become the most dominance force in the EPL once again, certain tweaks have to be made.

If you were a manager of a club in England, would you want to drag your squad around another continent for several weeks? Probably not.

Instead, you'd want your team fully focused on training for the upcoming season in an environment that lends itself to the club's strengths. Manchester United isn't getting that by running all across the United States, and a manager like van Gaal understands how that could affect his squad.

You can bet that the more he complains about the tour, the more United officials are thinking about ways to keep him happy.

Like any new manager, van Gaal is trying to make sure that his club in the best possible position to compete for European championships. He is clearly identifying flaws within his team's pre-season schedule and making sure that everyone knows about his displeasure.

So, sure, it may be whining. But the whining has a purpose, and there's no doubt that van Gaal knows exactly what he's doing.
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