Blake Lovell (36)

Manchester United Hits a New Low

Created on Aug. 26, 2014 5:36 PM EST

The start to the Louis van Gaal era at Manchester United hasn't went according to plan.

Many thought that Van Gaal would come in and immediately rejuvenate everyone at Old Trafford, but after accumulating only one point through two Premier League matches, that hasn't happened.

But if United fans thought that the season-opening loss to Swansea City was disappointing, nothing could have prepared them for what happened this evening.

United was humiliated by League One side MK Dons in the first round of the League Cup, with van Gaal's side falling to a 4-0 result.

A four-goal defeat to a League One club? Simply unbelievable.

We all knew that the United was in bad shape, but I'm not sure anyone thought things would get this bad so fast.

Sure, United's lineup didn't exactly scream star power. However, when you play for such a storied club, you don't allow something like this to happen. It doesn't matter if you're Wayne Rooney or the last guy on the bench.

There are some serious issues that need to be fixed with this club, and for Van Gaal's sake, it better happen sooner rather than later.

It was officially confirmed earlier in the day that United had completed the largest transfer in Premier League history in signing Angel Di Maria, so perhaps there is a bit of hope on the horizon.

But for now, Van Gaal must deal with yet another embarrassment. 
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