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Created on Jul. 18, 2014 4:51 PM EST

Now that we have had some time to talk about the World Cup results and analyze the games, players, and in some cases the crowd, it is time to shift our focus back to club football. Over the next few days I will be doing my analysis of the top teams and some of their summer signings. The Premier League will be the spotlight of this specific series, with the top 6 or 7 teams the focus. Let's get down to it...

Manchester City. The new cash cows of European football. They were relatively unknown 6 years ago. But thanks to an influx of funds from some Arabian oil sheikhs we are looking at one of the deadliest squads in Europe. Following a 2 Premier League titles and an FA Cup in the past three years we are looking at a team that is brimming with talent.
City has a deadly attack force with Aguero, Dzeko, and Negredo all netting double figures last season in competitive play. We will most likely see a pairing of either Aguero-Dzeko or Aguero-Negredo. Both are enough to make any football fan salivate at the results. Aguero is such a quick and on point striker that it is fantastic to see him score goals (when he isn't injured). A lot of hope looking at this attack force.
To back up such a fantastic set of strikers is a superbly star studded midfield.The speculation over Yaya Toure can be put to rest now that he stated he will see out his contract, That is great news as the leading PL goalscorer for City will be happy to continue pulling strings and make his powerful runs through midfield. While his set pieces leave little to be desire as he scored a number of free kicks this past season. The holding midfielder Fernandinho or Garcia leaves Yaya to make his runs and normally stays as a defensive presence. Whilst the likes of Silva, Jesus, and Nasri make runs up the sidelines to to lay crosses in. Or to pass right into the goal sometimes! It will be interesting to see how Fernando will play into Pelligrini's plans as he was one of three buys so far this summer.
How can any team not be scared to face Vincent Kompany? A solid rock in the back the past few seasons, the City captain will be looking to add more silverware as the powerful presence commands a defense made up of the (often-ridiculed) Demichellis, Zabaleta, and Kolorav. The fullbacks make many runs for City and while that opens up the defense it makes for a fun to watch offense. But City had the second tightest defense in the league last season with this squad and  look forward to seeing them again.
Joe Hart has had his fair share of errors these past few seasons and I am interested in the prospect of Willy's chances between the sticks this season, he did work with Pelligrini back at Malaga. Both keeper's have a strong resume. 
Overall City have a very strong squad, but do they have the team to defend the title?

I value your opinions, feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts. And let me know who you think will win the title in the poll! I will be doing other top teams soon!
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