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Oakland's McGloin on point, raises questions with Schaub

Created on Aug. 09, 2014 2:00 PM EST

Despite Oakland's loss in Minnesota yesterday evening, Matt McGloin saw plenty of second half action, and was relaxed and poised as ever.

Of course with the acquisition of a more notable, established quarterback like Matt Schaub, and considering McGloin's only played half a season, it's politically correct to place Schaub at the initial starting spot come preseason. But behind rookie draftee Derek Carr as well?

McGloin had one bad game last year - a shellacking at home against Kansas City. Other than that, he was impressive - posting a three touchdown, zero interception victory at Houston in his second game, while throwing for over 200 yards in five out of six starts.

And the guy got how many reps last season in practice?  

"Coming in here last year, I wouldn't get any reps actually," McGloin said last week. "To now get a few here and there is a lot better. In terms of being prepared mentally, it kind of makes you feel more comfortable day in and day out."

OMG. The patience and humility radiating from McGloin is intoxicating. I think I might have said something like "This is goshdarn ridiculous; I should be starting already. that's it and that's all."

Being a faithful Raider fan myself, I can say beyond any reasonable doubt that I would be less than pleased if Matt Schaub got the starting job come season. Anybody who has seen his mental collapses over the years has to be marginally nervous at the very least - especially after last season with that fateful pick six handed to Richard Sherman and the Seahawks that snowballed Schaub's psychological demise. 

What's next?

Patience and humility transferred from McGloin to you fellow Raiders fans...
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