Proposal to Ban Gay NFL Players Sent to Congress

Created on Mar. 12, 2014 4:33 PM EST

A proposal titled the American Decency Act of 2014 to prevent openly gay players from playing in the NFL has been released to members of Congress. If enacted it would prohibit the league from "employing openly self-declared homosexual football players." This comes after Michael Sam became the first homosexual male to openly acknowledge his sexual preference before being drafted. Sam is expected to be the first openly homosexual player in NFL history. As a senior in 2013; Sam an All-American and the Southeastern Conference Defensive Player of the Year; recorded 11 1⁄2 quarterback sacks and 19 tackles for losses. The act would impose fines somewhere between $3 million and $8 million on athletes who come out while active.

BE it enacted by the House of Representatives and by the Senate of the United States of America
Congress assembled, that:

Section 1. The National Football League and all teams thereof are hereby prohibited from
employing self-declared homosexual football players. This prohibition shall only apply in cases
where a football player has openly declared himself to be a homosexual.

Section 2. The prohibition detailed in article (A) above shall not apply to any team of the
National Football League that provides facilities for homosexual players which are entirely
separate and distinct from the facilities used by heterosexual players.

Section 3. Provisions (A) and (B) above shall pre-empt all relevant state law.

Section 4. The US Department of Justice shall have the power to enforce this legislation by all
appropriate means.

Section 5. Should one part of this legislation be deemed at any point unconstitutional, all other
parts shall be considered separate and entirely severable for Federal Constitutional purposes.

Section 6. Each violation of (A) and (B) above shall result in a fine of not less than $3 million
not more than $8 million.
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