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Tennnessee Spring Ball: Practice #2

Created on Mar. 08, 2014 1:54 PM EST

It was a bright and early start to spring practice Saturday morning.

Practice began at 10:45 AM ET at Haslam Field.

Defensive backs and wide receivers highlighted the second Tennessee spring '14 practice. DB and WR one-on-one match-ups, from the 8-yard line, took place early during practice.

Malik Foreman was paired up against Josh Malone - and Foreman won.
Cam Sutton took on Von Pearson, but Pearson got the best of Cam with a touchdown grab in the corner of the end zone.

Justin Coleman was paired up against second-year Marquez North. Coleman was able to reel in an interception off the hands of North.

How important is this drill? Very important, especially in this conference and how difficult it can be to score in the red zone - against SEC tight pressured D's.


Marquez North on QB race "It’s all the same to me. I just catch the ball and run."

Butch Jones on having more playmakers “Big plays were almost non-existent last year. We’ve had some big plays from some quality players. That makes us very optimistic. It’s very early, but we have to make some big plays and I think we have some individuals who have the capability to make big plays.”

Jones (cont.) “Experience of a lot of individuals going through it for a year. Also the additions of Von Pearson and Josh Malone and Daniel Helm and Ethan Wolf and Hurd. All of them. All of those individuals – you could see the difference in team speed.”

Marlin Lane on improving “Everybody is getting the hang of it. We just practice tempo, tempo and consistency in our performance.”
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