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Was the Return of Dunga the Right Hire for Brazil?

Created on Jul. 23, 2014 9:45 AM EST

Brazil's 2014 World Cup run didn't exactly go as planned.

While the team managed to top what turned out to be a challenging Group A, at no point did anyone feel like this team was the overwhelming favorite to win the entire tournament.

That's the feeling that we had about this team before the World Cup began, but there was nothing all that special about Brazil's performances against Croatia and Mexico.

The early part of the knockout stage felt the same as well. It took penalties to top a Chile team that had plenty of chances to take down the host nation before it had even gotten to that point, and then there was the somewhat surprising win over a red hot James Rodriguez and Colombia.

Of course, Luiz Felipe Scolari's side would never been the same after that.

Brazil was completely embarrassed by Germany in a 7-1 trouncing in the semifinals, which ultimately led to one of the most lackluster performances you'll ever see in a loss to the Netherlands.

As expected, Scolari stepped down as manager, leaving Brazil at one of its most pivotal points in recent memory.

The team needed a new vision. It needed someone that could come in and rejuvenate a squad that had in no way lived up to its potential this summer. Simply put, it needed a fresh outlook.

So what did the CBF (Brazil's football federation) do? It rehired the guy that it fired four years ago. Wait, what?

Dunga is by no means a terrible manager. But Brazil has been down this road before. The only reason that it ever turned to Scolari in the first place is because Dunga wasn't meeting the expectations that came along with being the manager of Brazil.

And now, for some odd reason, the federation believes that he will magically turn things around after the most disastrous performance in the team's history.

No, Brazil didn't need this. Sure, he might have captured the Copa America and Confederations Cup during his stint. However, Brazil needed an overhaul in philosophy, not a return to more of the same.

If there's one thing that we do know, it's that Brazil has the talent to win going forward with Neymar leading the way.

The question is, does it have a manager that will allow that talent to realize its greatness?
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