How Manziel can be a franchise QB

Created on Mar. 27, 2014 9:25 AM EST

Someone will take Manziel too early, they will love his playmaking ability and the pressure will overshadow is obvious deficiency in working a pro system. He is not Russell Wilson, he played in a West Coast System at NC State and a pro style system at Wiskie. He is not Drew Brees who was highly developed as a passer over the course of his career, but did not start out as a the QB he is today. He is not  even Doug Flutie or a Tom Brady who was a 6th round pick. He does possess some intriguing intangibles, a decent arm and a creative flair similar to Flutie.

Hypothetically, the best scenario would be for Manziel to be drafted by the Patriots or Broncos. He sits and humbles himself as he learns how to be an NFL pro (His maturity will be his downfall). No one will question why he is sitting behind these 2 Hall of Famers. Manziel being selected in the 1st round will more than likely place him as the starting QB and his mental make-up reminds me of Ryan Leaf.  Let him develop in a pro style system, learn, grow and mature. Even if he does it for a year....Brady sat and developed, Rodgers sat and developed, Manziel is not at their level, so why not sit him and develop....So many QB's that have flopped were thrust into a situation they were not prepared for, not matter what they thought.

Manziel could be a success, but he is not ready....yet.
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