Steve Kieninger

JOHNNY MANZIEL, Great QB, give me a break !!!

Created on Apr. 04, 2014 10:20 AM EST

I can't believe all the hype about an undersized and under talented QB.  I see him and I think of Tim Tebow and a list of other QB's in college football that failed in the NFL.  Sure he made some exciting plays and put up big numbers and won a Hiesman.  But when a QB runs his mouth and taunts a team like Rice, really.  Where was that when Alabama had you on your back?  Johnny Football was great for Texas A&M.  But he will fail in the NFL.  
I for one would love to see him go to Cleveland.  I can just imagine the joy I will experience when he gets demolished by the likes of Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Cincinnati for 6 games a year.  Wow am I excited.  
So all you fans of Manziel, saddle up for a really hard 2 year career.
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