Mike Zimmer....WTF !!!!

Created on Apr. 01, 2014 11:00 PM EST

Why is Mike Zimmer, newly hired coach of the Minnesota Vikings, hating on Johnny Football !!  WTF coach !!
I can understand that some coaches, GM's, scouts, etc might have their reservations...but to comment about his Pro Day in College Station, saying it was a sideshow is a big stretch !!! I mean, all he did was meet with all the personnel there...thank them for coming...and did something totally different to show and prove that he had nothing to hide by wearing a helmet and shoulder pads to throw his passes.  I don't believe it was an "attention grabbing' tactic....He's Johnny "Freaking" Football...anything he does is going to grab attention....he's damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. If he didn't meet and greet and thank everyone, then everyone would have said..."oh, he's arrogant, self centered...too busy to meet with us" etc etc.  I don't really know why Mike Zimmer would go out of his way to say anything negative about Manziel....could it be that he was doing an interview with The Horn, an Austin radio station, and just wanted to appease the listeners???? Who knows....but what I do know (at least fairly confident), is that Johnny Manziel will surprise some folks. I really don't believe he will be a bust. Yes, he might struggle at times, (very few rookie QB's have won a Super Bowl), but I truly believe he will fight tooth, nail, and claw to win any football that he is involved in....and I can't wait for the day when all those coaches, GM's, scouts, have their jaws surgically repaired due to extensive jaw dropping because of JFF's heroics !!!!
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