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Too Big To Fail? The potential banning of Man City from the Champions League

Created on Jan. 29, 2014 8:38 PM EST

More important than Man City's aggregate 11-1 gazumping of the Lily Whites, news sources report that Man City has missed the Financial Fair Play (FFP) target. City have posted a net loss of £51.6m, down from £97.9m. Although Man City has expressed doubt that Uefa will punish them for exceeding the £37m threshold, the future is very uncertain.

According to written, yet unfollowed, UEFA rules, a club fails to meet the restrictions of Financial Fair Play, then that team could be banned from the Champions League. In short, Man City currently meets that threshold. And further, any potential signing has to consider the likelihood that City will not be providing CL third kits for next year. 

Still waiting to see if PSG get the hook for FFP. Too many violators out there, not enough punishments. 
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