Did David Moyes Inherit Too Much Team?

Created on Feb. 04, 2014 1:30 AM EST

This week turned out to be a perfect opportunity for Manchester United to make their run for a top four spot.  Sadly, as time keeps going, it becomes clearer that is United’s only priority. It is quite pathetic by United’s standards, that with almost an entire half of a season left to play, they only have one priority, and it doesn’t include any silverware.
Liverpool who currently sits in the fourth place spot were held at Anfield thanks to a terrible mistake by Kolo Toure, and Tottenham managed to rescue a tie away against Hull City. This was a great opportunity for United to put the pressure on Everton, Liverpool, and Tottenham for that fourth place spot.
It is understandable, this is considered a transitional period for Manchester United, however, it is time to stop making excuses. David Moyes has a plethora of reasons why United were denied a victory. Yesterday after the match, his reason as always was United were “unlucky” , and in addition the bad weather was also a factor.  Luck cannot continue to be a justification. This is the exact team that won the Premiere League last season by an eleven-point difference, and now can’t seem to get above seventh place.
With David Moyes as manager of United, it is tough to see Manchester United come out stronger the second half of the season, even with the addition of Juan Mata. What is even more ironic is that Everton is doing better than United this season with new Manager Roberto Martinez.
The truth is there is no excuse to justify Manchester United’s dismal season thus far. It’s only the start of February and the Red Devils have lost eight times in the premiere league, and eliminated in the FA and League Cup already. While the usual rivals for Manchester United are Arsenal, Chelsea, and noisy neighbors Manchester City, the remainder of the season will be a battle with Everton, Liverpool and Tottenham. If Manchester United is struggling in their respective league, it will be impossible for them to make a statement in the Champions League, let alone win the competition. It is safe to say by luck of the draw United are looking to move onto the next round.
Manchester United are running out of time to make top four. David Moyes needs to stop making excuses if he wants his side to qualify for next seasons Champions League tournament. Manchester United is a massive club that should not be playing this terrible.  If United don’t manage to make top four, this season will be a complete disaster, and an utter failure by Moyes in his first season in charge. If this were to happen it might easily be his only season as Manchester United manager.  With Manchester United now a commodity in the  Wall Street stock market, it would be suicide for the club to risk everything on a manger who has never won a major trophy. 
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