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Manchester United Forecasts Poor Attendance for Olympiakos - Their Response Will Surprise You...

Created on Feb. 27, 2014 6:48 PM EST

Back in 2015, a man named Biff Tannen travelled back in time to give himself a sports almanac with which to bet money on matches. The result was that Biff Tannen's future changed completely, for the better, as he wagered on American baseball games, American football, and other great American sports. 

If Biff Tannen was a Manchester United fan, I can tell you one thing he would not go back in time to do: to see Man United play against Olympiakos. And the back office at Manchester United knows this. Their response is simple. 

Season ticket holders were informed that their ability to attend the derby against Manchester City is now contingent on their purchase of a ticket to see Manchester United play Olympiakos. And before any season ticket holders lose their cool, read the fine print: season ticket holders agreed, implicitly, to attend the Champions League matches, with the understanding that derby tickets could be compromised otherwise. 

Of course, the language is completely biased to the team as Manchester United never seemed to care if season ticket holders purchased CL tickets while Alex Ferguson was in charge. The likelihood of an early exit in the Round of 16 is high, and Manchester United has bigger problems to be focused on than CL attendance. Agitating and alienating the fans would be ill advised.  To be continued.
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