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Mario Balotelli and How Not to Use Social Media

Created on Jul. 11, 2014 5:26 PM EST

Social media has been a great asset for many professional athletes over the years. For others, it has created nothing but controversy.

AC Milan star Mario Balotelli can attest to the latter since he recently decided to post a picture of himself on Instragram holding what appeared to be a shotgun.

Of course, that wasn't all.

The line "Big kiss to all the haters" also went along with the picture of said shotgun. Perhaps that was not Mario's brightest idea in his past gazillion ideas or so. The photo has since been deleted, but unfortunately for him, deleting the photo won't wipe away the stupidity of it.

Social media posts like this make it easy to understand why people within organizations around the world are hired to man social media accounts for certain athletes.

Hiring a professional limits the risk of another type of professional ruining his or her reputation.

At what point did Balotelli think that threatening all of his critics with a shotgun was a smart move? Even if the man thought it, putting it online for millions of people to see was the absolute worst follow-up possible.

Unfortunately for Balotelli, he can't go with the often used "my account was hacked" excuse in this particular situation.

No, he was in the picture, with a shotgun, with the intent of threatening those that even think to criticize his poor performances at the World Cup and with Milan.


In the race to become the most popular star in a specific sport, athletes hound different types of social media sites with all sorts of tweets and photos.

But sometimes, saying nothing is the best course of action.

Perhaps instead of posting ridiculous pictures aimed at his haters on Instagram, Balotelli would be better served working on his game on the pitch.

That would probably be a much better picture for his career.

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