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Europe's Most Wanted: Miralem Pjanic

Created on Jan. 29, 2014 9:17 PM EST

How do you say no in French? €55m. That was the response that Roma gave to PSG as they came knocking for Pjanic. And that's why PSG ended up buying Cabaye. PSG may be rich, but not insane. Crazy, yes. But not insane.

To fans who care little for the Serie A, Pjanic is the playmaking midfielder for Roma. His passes are accurate, creative, and surgical. He tends to drift off in some games, but when he's focused, he is lethal. Average season will show his goal/assist contribution at 35-40% per game. 

A member of the Bosnian National Team, he enjoys the camaraderie of other extreme talents, such as Dzeko, Begovic, and cross town Lazio rival, Lulic. He's going to the World Cup, and there is a good chance that his team will make it to the Round of 16 (please do not be offended, my Nigerian and Iranian readers).

Assuming that Pjanic does not move, the Summer transfer window could see Pjanic on the radar for teams that desperately need to fill the holes left by creative mids. Marco Terranato at Goal.com has already pointed out that with Xavi's likely departure this summer from the Camp Nou, Barcelona will be looking to fill the hole. Barcelona already have extreme depth at midfield, and may not be in the market for anyone after DIS is finished with them in court over the Neymar transfer scandal. But let's say they do make a move. Other teams that could be in the market for Pjanic include Juventus and PSG. Arsenal, looking for an attacking mid could be better off signing Pjanic than pursuing Draxler. There are many options. 

Dare to dream?

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