Eric Crouch Most Over Rated Heisman Of The BCS Era

Created on Jun. 04, 2014 11:13 AM EST

The voters always say that the winner of the Heisman trophy is a pure winner. Not in the case of Eric Crouch. Crouch didn't win the Big 12 conference title in 2001, he may have played in the 2001 BCS title game but the Miami defense showcased why he was over rated. 

Some can say that Nebraska's defense lost the game to Colorado that year. However, Crouch displayed that he was simply a running back in the QB position. He could not read a defense nor did he have the vision to be able to throw to the other options if his no.1 receiver was taken away by the defense. Which is why i have Eric crouch as the most over rated Heisman winner of the BCS era.

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