Anthony Olivetti

Rex Ryan Tells Team He's Out In NY

Created on Dec. 23, 2013 11:49 AM EST

Rex Ryan is a miracle worker. He’s taken a team with very little talent and managed to lead them to six wins. That doesn’t appear to matter, though. According to Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer, Ryan told his players on Saturday in a team meeting that he’s getting fired. The Jets haven’t formally announced it, so it could’ve just been meant to serve as motivation. In the end the Jets did beat the Cleveland Browns on Sunday at home 24-13.

Ryan began his tenure in New York with back-to-back AFC Championship Game appearances, but it’s been a struggle since then. His once-promising young quarterback regressed, then got replaced by another young quarterback who has struggled throughout his rookie year. Geno Smith has had his moments, like this Sunday, but he’s had just as many awful performances.

Given a rookie quarterback and little to no talent on offense Rex has done well this year. Ryan spoke to Glazer after the game Sunday and neither confirmed nor denied the report, instead opting to say, “What’s said in a meeting or whatever will stay there.” Even before these reports surfaced, Ryan’s future was cloudy at best. What the Jets front office really needs to ask themselves is, “Is there really anyone out there who could do a better job?” The answer: probably not. Not right now anyway.

Ryan went on to say that he didn’t know if he’d be back next season but “I know I have a contract next year.”

With a new GM in John Idzik, it’d come as no big surprise to see Ryan fired in favor of his own guy. If he’s sacked, Ryan won’t be out of a job long — whether he finds work as a head coach or a defensive coordinator remains to be seen.

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